RYMDEN (Bugge Wesseltoft, Dan Berglund, Magnus Öström)

RYMDEN – The new super group of three major minds in European music history.

The award-winning Norwegian pianist Bugge Wesseltoft longed to play in a piano trio again. The first recordings with a legendary New York rhythm section have already been produced. But as a great proponent of “European jazz as its own art form” Wesseltoft – quoted here – on something that comes much closer to his feelings and approach to musical expression. That’s how he came to invite two friends and innovative forces in European jazz: Magnus Öström and Dan Berglund.

With the groups New Conception Of Jazz and e.s.t. (esbjorn svensson trio) the three like minded created parallel music history, which dates back to the mid-90s.
Both formations defined a new, fresh sound on a worldwide scale – with great openness for experimentation and radical thinking ahead. The result was an international music movement that became an inspiration of future generations.
With his artist platform (and record label) Jazzland, Wesseltoft was a pioneer and stil is an important promoter in the modernization of Scandinavian jazz music.
e.s.t. counts as the most successful band at the Munich ACT Music, played both rock clubs, concert halls for classical music and of course the largest stages of music festivals worldwide.

The music of the new trio RYMDEN is based on three elements: melancholic & atmospheric songwriting, dramatically charged rhythms and virtuously played jazz of the highest level.
In this new band formation, the influences of modern jazz, Bach, film music and even rock music are clearly audible. Interwoven to a mature, relaxed concert experience.

RYMDEN – Music Made in Scandinavia.

Bugge Wesseltoft – Piano, Keyboards
Dan Berglund – Bass
Magnus Öström – Drums

A full album release is in developement for January 2019.

First dates announced


15.07. Garana Ro Garana Jazz
21.10. Stockholm SE Berwaldhallen/ Stockholm Jazz
03.11. Tampere FI Jazz Happening
16.11. Caen FR Les Boréales, Le Théâtre
22.11. London UK EFG Jazzfestival
23.11. Southampton UK Turner Sims

18.01. Oslo Victoria
19.01. Gothenburg Neferteti
21.02. Lörrach/ Basel D Burghof
22.02. Hamburg D Elbphilharmonie, Main Hall
06.04. Utrecht NL Transition festival, Tivoli Vredenburg
19.04. Stuttgart D Jazztage
04.05. Cheltenham UK Jazz Festival
11.05. Essen D Philharmonie Essen, Alfried Krupp hall
12.05. Darmstadt D Centralstation
16.05. Luxemburg Lux Philharmonie
17.05. Jazz A Liege BEL Jazz Festival
18.05 Landsberg D
24.05. France
25.05. France