Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin Rhythm Clan (8tet-electric)

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What the critics are saying…

The Wall Street Journal has chosen RONIN’s live show as one of the six best live shows in 2011 (together with Björk, Radiohead, Patti Smith, Feist and Anna Calvi).

“Citing James Brown as well as Kurosawa, Bärtsch’s “Zen-funk” is minimalism that doesn’t risk inscrutability by sticking too long in one groove. Built from repeating piano figures with clarinet, bass, and a double dose of percussion for spring works, these “modules” improvise not note by note but section by unexpected section.”
Tom Hull, Village Voice (USA)

“What he’s come up with amounts to a whole new musical concept. This is music that throbs with a pulsating dynamism that’s almost hypnotic… woven into the rhythmic tapestry is startling imagery that grows from simple beginnings. Bärtsch’s mysterious music will be around for a lot longer than the quick fix that majority taste seems to clamour for.” Stuart Nicholson, The Observer (UK)



Nik Bärtsch piano, Fender Rhodes, composition
Sha altosax, bass clarinet
Kaspar Rast drums
Thomy Jordi bass
Manuel Troller guitar
Fabian Capaldi saxes, flute
Martial In-Albon trumpet, flugelhorn
Michael Flury trombone


Nik Bärtsch Ronin Rhythm Clan (8tet) @ Exil Zürich