A concert with Igmar Jenner (violin), Cynthia Liao (viola), Bernie Mallinger (violin) and Sophie Abraham (cello) is bound to be full of surprises.

These musicians are bold and inquisitive venturers who have consequently aligned their compass with the borderland between classical music, jazz, rock and pop. Their special enthusiasm for fusion music of the 70s cannot be overheard, it paved the way for the quartet’s break-through with the album „Celebrating the Mahavishnu Orchestra“ (2007) Mahavishnu mastermind John McLaughlin was enthusiastic about the reinterpretations.

Internationally the radio.string.quartet take their place directly next to the US-pioneers of Kronos Quartet and the Turtle Island Quartet.

The radio.string.quartet played at renowned festivals and venues, such as the Philharmonic Luxembourg, Jazzfestival Basel, Belgrad Jazzfestival, Movimentos Wolfsburg, Winterzauber Bad Kissingen, Paris Jazz Festival, Pori Jazz Festival, Musikverein Wien, Traumzeit Festival and the Göteborg Concert Hall.

Internationally the radio.string.quartet take its place directly next to the US-pioneers of Kronos Quartet.
These musicians are bold and inquisitive venturers traveling the borderland between classical music, jazz, rock and pop.


“a timely miniture masterpiece…” – Guardian (cd radiodream)

“What a super group! I’m so proud. Thank you!” – John McLaughlin (cd Celebrating the Mahavishnu Orchestra)

“the string players sculpting nimble arrangements that never settle for postmodern cuteness…” – Sunday Times
(cd Calling You with Rigmor Gustavsson)


Composition Les Coleurs Du Feu
with Munich Symphony Orchestra

“in between silence” – FULL CONCERT


“The world according to Hugo and Jun”


Live from Flagey/ Brussels 2016
Repertoire from In Between Silence 2017

Live from Red Bull Studio Berlin 2016

Posting Joe – Celebrating Weather Report (2013)

The r.s.q. released their new album, “Posting Joe” on ACT Music, paying homage to the great composer Joe Zawinul.

“Joe Zawinul would surely have adored these hugely imaginative settings of Birdland et al.” – Sunday Times.

London Sunday Times elected Posting Joe as #2 jazz album of the year 2013.


Radiodream (2011)

Their album “Radiodream” on ACT Music marks a new chapter in the bands history: Imagining an emotional journey through the night, the album contains music from Franz Liszt to Billie Holiday and Radiohead.

At the same time it is the most independent work of the quartet containing a huge percentage of their own compositions, which easily show the various musical and cultural backgrounds of the band members, which are naturally and easily entangled.


Feature on Arte television



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