Håkon Kornstad

Håkon Kornstad already had an international reputation as a jazz saxophonist, before discovering opera. He consequently found his voice as an opera singer. His brand new project combines both these talents and has created a sensation in his native Norway. This is, quite literally, a tenor battle, with Kornstad singing opera arias and Neapolitan songs and accompanying himself on the saxophone. Caruso meets Coltrane!

In Håkon Kornstad’s musical world you find yourself surrounded by a musicality that hits all senses. As a saxophone player he is unique, with a sound and control few can match. As singer he has the same ability to make his combination of jazz and opera sound like it has always existed.
With this project Kornstad skates on thin ice with flair. Arias and art songs weaved together by improvised stretches, like no one has done it before.

«One of the world’s finest saxophonists now reveals himself as an utterly unique and deeply personal singer. Rarely, if ever, has a performing artist managed to combine two vastly different musical expressions at such a sky-high level, and at the same time made the total output seem so clear and coherent.» KETIL BJØRNSTAD 

«Opera meets Scandinavian jazz seamlessly. It could have been a virtuosic circus act, but in Kornstad’s hands was a musical tour de forceTHE GUARDIAN 

Ensemble Line-up

Håkon Kornstad (voc, ts, fl, looper)
Sigbjørn Apeland (harmonium)
Lars Henrik Johansen (harpsichord, cimbalom)
Per Zanussi (bass, saw)
Øyvind Skarbø (drums)