Dark Star Safari w Samuel Rohrer, Jan Bang, Erik Honore, Eivind Aarset

Dark Star Safari is the work of four kindred spirits, their open modus operandi, and a remarkably interconnected creative nerve system. Key to their collaboration is an organic freedom that enables the music “to fill itself in”, to be self-actualizing via the musicians as medium. The music of the 10 songs resulted from a two-stage process: an initial phase of free flowing open improvisation, and a subsequent exploratory phase where hidden potentials were discovered and nurtured.

Born out of the spirit of open improvisation and the improvisational practice of the immediate live-remix, Dark Star Safari transcends both of these creative processes in a pursuit of fresh approaches to songwriting. Their music is now ready to meet the hearts, minds and bodies of live audiences, to evolve even further through that interaction.

Jan Bang – vocals, live sampling, samples, ac. piano, dictaphone
Erik Honoré – synthesizer, samples, synth bass, voice, lyrics
Eivind Aarset – guitar, electronics, bass
Samuel Rohrer – drums, percussion, electronics, synths